Hello World!, I am Abhiram Shibu


I am a simple person who is trying to do something right in this world by giving resources for free. I believe that so many people are wasting their talents due to lack of resources. My dream is to give resources to people who are in need of them. I do believe that in the age people are trading efficency for convience and asthetics.

I do believe that we have done the maximum damage to the environment. Now we all need to put our brain power collectively to fix this. No more closed or restricted knowledge. Everyone should stop reinventing the wheel and start working collectively on problems which we are facing.


I love doing projects.
I have done many project. Some are ongoing and some finished. Some of my projects are.

  • UDP Sender/UDP Transit (Send or receive files over UDP with integrity)
  • SSAL is a Sophisticated Artifical Logic[SSAL] (Control Home)
  • Virtual Input (Input as a keyboard virtually)
  • Tuxforums (Forum for anyone to communicate without monopoly)
  • Destroyer Bot(Home assitant telegram bot)
  • RPi Multiboot(Rebooting with different OS with a command)
  • Destroyer Server (Opensource Build server at home)
  • APCUPSMon (Monitor energy usage wih a smart UPS in Linux)
  • Battman (Monitor and report everything about battery in Linux)
  • ESOS (Electric Scooter OS interface)
  • Charger-Info (Monitor fastcharging for oneplus)
  • iotInvertor (IoT Based inverter managment using WiFi)
  • Seven_Segment_Liberary (Multiplex 7segment displays for Arduino)
  • Intel_PState_Control (Change pstate for intel CPU easier)
  • CVT_Set (Set resolution of display easily)
  • SSAL OS (A home automation OS for project SSAL)

My projects can be found in git.
Github Gitlab

My hobby is Electonics and Computer Science. Although I don't know yet how really Linux Kernel is assembled my dream is that one day I will be able to read kernel source code like any other project. I have also done many projects in electronics but I have not shown or even documented some of them because I repurpose the hardware for next project. For electronics, each projects costs a lot of money which is why I had to repurpose hardware by deconstructing products or existing projects.
I also love to help others learn and when ever someone asks for help, 99% I will help them and the 1% of time I just guide them indirectly. Also in these above projects, I work as a team with friends. Some of them I have worked solo, but I like to work as a team because with that I get more indepth understanding of where I might go wrong or what will be a better implementation. I also love tinkering with stuff, give me something I will try to break it or find new uses for it.


  1. I am an introvert. (I like to meet people in internet but not in person)
  2. Sometimes I do too much work. (I know it affects health but I can't stop until I am done with it)
  3. Simple (Give me 2 solution, one complex and one simple, I will always prefer simpler one)
  4. I hate complex coding (Using features of programming language less used by others kinda pisses me off)
  5. Analysis (Give me a piece of tech, I will ask how it works than what it does)
  6. Empathetic (I do not like to see others sad, others sad makes me sad)
  7. Control (If you give me a pice of hardware and say I cant run my code in it, I will not be happy about it)


My Certificates:

  1. Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator(LFCS)
  2. Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201)
  3. Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211)

Contact Info

Email :abhiramshibu1998@gmail.com

Why HTML page?

This page is best viewed in lynx or elinks command line web browser. This page is excatly 8633 bytes long, isn't this better than buildig a page which needs java script and takes too much time and memory to load. Now a days webpages are too bloated that loading a single page will hog a lot of memory. I am all about efficiency, if this page gives you the information that you need, that is all which is needed. Remember simplicity.

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